Akhsin Zulkoni


Public Health

Kesehatan Masyarakat

germs of tuberculosis, sputum, soap



Background: Tuberculosis is a contagious disease directly caused by TB bacteria (Mycobacterium
tuberculosis) that spread through the air in the form of droplets or splashes sputum.Therefore, the
TB germs are very much concentrated in the sputum of tuberculosis patients, the sanitation efforts
to the sputum produced by patients with TB disease is very important to break the chain of
transmission of TB germs. On this occasion, to do research on the use of various types of soap as
a tuberculosis control efforts are low cost and easy to do by the community.
Objective: Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria contained in the sputum of tuberculosis patients.
Method: The study is organized in a randomized block factorial design with three replications
complete. The first factor is the type of soap, which includes bar soap, liquid soap, soap powder
and a dab of soap (not to mention the brand). The second factor is the concentration of soap,
including 0%, 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%. The parameters observed were decreased efficiency of TB
germs in the sputum.
Result: Based on the analysis variance with α 5%, there is a significant effect between the type of
soap with a decrease in the efficiency of the TB bacteria in the sputum of TB patients. This
suggests that the soap has disinfecting power against bacteria TBC. Potentially disinfection against
microbial soaps and detergents because based on their molecular structure that is amfipatik, ie one
end is hydrophilic and the other ends that is hydrophobic or lipophilic. In solution, the soap
molecules to form micelles with hydrophobic ends in the middle. This hydrophobic ends that play a
role in the process of killing bacteria by disrupting the cell wall and break down the bacterial
Conclusion: The type of soap significantly affect the disinfection of the TB bacteria in the
sputum. The highest efficiency is achieved by a reduction in germ liquid soap with a dose of 5 ml, a
concentration of 10%, and 24-hour contact time of 1 ml sample of sputum or sputum positive TB
patients, with a value of 82.59%.
Keywords: germs of tuberculosis, sputum, soap